Frequently Asked Questions – COVID Vaccines

How do I know if I should get tested for COVID-19?

If you have experienced any of the COVID-19 symptoms such as fever, cough, loss of taste (and more here) you may want to get tested. The faster you discover you have COVID-19, the quicker you can self-isolate & keep yourself and your community safe. YourAlbertsons Companies Pharmacy is here to keep you informed.

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Are there age restrictions for Phosphorus At‐Home COVID Saliva test?
Phosphorus Diagnostics does not have any age restrictions for this test. However, a patient needs to produce enough saliva to fill to the line on the tube provided. For children, ensure the parent feels confident that their child will be able to produce a sufficient sample.
What kind of test is this?

This is a COVID-19 RT-qPCR Test.

This is a saliva test that is validated on the BioRad CFX384 system and has been granted an Emergency Use Authorization by the FDA. The test is validated to utilize samples collected via the Oragene OGD-510 Saliva collection devices.

Who manufactures these tests?

Tests are manufactured by Phosphorus Diagnostics. You can find out more about the test manufacturer on their website

Are these tests authorized by the government?

The Phosphorus RT-qPCR COVID-19 Test has received Emergency Use Authorization by the FDA.

How can I order my test?
You can order your test online by clicking on Request a Test or Schedule a Test on this page.  From there you will answer a few questions and select if you would like your test delivered to your home or designate someone to pick up at the local store on your behalf.  We request that all individuals follow requirements posted at the front of all stores.

NOTE: We cannot ship to the following states: CT, GA, FL, MN, MO, NC, ND, OH, SC, and WI

How can I get my test?

When you order the test, you may select to have it delivered to your home or you can schedule a pick-up at a pharmacy near you.

People who are experiencing symptoms cannot pick up their test. They can either send someone without symptoms to pick up their test or have it delivered.

How can I send in my COVID-19 test for results?
You may send the kit to the lab for analysis by dropping the prepaid package off at a local FedEx Drop Box or you can call 1.800.463.3339 to schedule a same day pickup.

You may not drop the package off at a FedEx Store. Visit for drop box locations and pick up schedules.

Is there a maximum time from when I take collect the saliva to when I can mail it in

Yes, the kit should either be delivered to a FedEx drop box or picked up by FedEx within 24 hours of sample collection or the test results may not be accurate. Samples should not be collected or shipped on Friday or Saturday. The lab needs to receive the samples within 56 hours of sample collection.

How can I get my results?

Results are shared with your by your preferred digital method of contact. 

What happens if I need peace of mind to be able to participate in activities?

A Fact Sheet will be provided to you with instructions for seeking any follow-up care.  

What happens if my test results are positive?

A Fact Sheet will be provided to you with instructions for seeking any follow-up care.  You should enter isolation immediately. 

Where can I get more information?

Download our FACT SHEET here for additional information or contact us with your questions.

Keep Yourself & Your Community Safe

If you are at risk or face symptoms, don’t hesitate – GET TESTED TODAY